Popular Minnesota Book Soon to Become Valuable CollectorŪs Item

Public Has Just Weeks to Purchase Remaining Copies of žMinnesota Duck CallsÓ

For Immediate Release November 15, 2005
(Minneapolis, Minn.)÷ The definitive collection of Minnesota duck calls and their makers is soon to enter the collectible market itself. Fewer than 100 copies remain of žMinnesota Duck Calls: yesterdayŪs and todayŪs folk artists,Ó and author Doug Lodermeier says the book will never be reprinted.

Released in Feb. 2003 to widespread critical acclaim, the coffee table-sized book has proven to be a unique and popular gift in Minnesota and throughout the world. Duck hunters, outdoorsmen, collectors, antique shop owners and flea market managers have snatched up more than 900 copies. The seventy-five-dollar book is not only a valuable historical document, but is expected to garner $200-$500 in the secondary market.

žI decided from the beginning to make only one print run,Ó says author Lodermeier, who spent four years researching and compiling the book himself. žIt seemed right that the book itself would become a collectorŪs item.Ó

In addition to his partnership in a Minneapolis-based graphic design firm, Lodermeier is a lifelong hunter and passionate waterfowler, historian, author, collector and conservationist. He made the book not only to satisfy his own interests in duck calls, but to shine a spotlight on MinnesotaŪs underappreciated callmaking history and raise the stateŪs stature among waterfowlers throughout the world.

ž÷ [S]imply the best thought-out, organized and designed book on collectibles that I have ever seen.Ó Donna Tonelli ~Decoy Magazine

ž[Lodermeier] literally wrote the book on duck calls.Ó Doug Smith ~Minneapolis Star Tribune

žIncredibly comprehensive but great fun in the reading!Ó Stan Van Etten ~Hunting & Fishing Collectibles Magazine

žBooks on duck and goose calls typically become as collectible as the calls about which they are written.Ó Jerry Thoms ~Dakota Outdoors

ž÷[A] wonderful collection of stories of callmakers, pictures of their products and page after page of historic duck-hunting photos.Ó Chris Niskanen ~St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Book Specs
616 pages, hardbound
$80 (postage paid)
500+ calls shown actual size
Current and vintage photos, advertisements, packaging

To Order
(612) 922-9674

or send $80.00 to:
Doug Lodermeier
4600 Washburn Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55410

For photos go to http://dougandpaul.com/duckbook/MNduckcall_photos.html