By Doug Lodermeier

The definitive book covering great Minnesota call makers of the past and present. Filled with never-before published information, this book is a must for any enthusiast or dealer of wildfowl calls and sporting collectibles.

Over 500 calls shown at actual size.

Over 600 hard-bound pages.

Many examples of the makers' crafts including decoys, boats, paintings, ice decoys, fishing plugs and more.

Many fresh makers identified and covered in detail. Also included is a section with many examples of unique and unknown calls.

Information easily accessed: makers organized alphabetically along with biographies, descriptions of calls and related paper.

Calls shown apart revealing stem, stopper, wedge and reed systems.

Hundreds of photos, ads, boxes, instructions, and related materials accompany photos of the makers.

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Harrys Ear-Tuned duck call. Constructed from New England maple on the Reelfoot style. Made by Harry Edwards from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Harry Edwards Duck Call.tif

Contemporary call maker Marv Meyer of Richfield, Minnesota carved this big Reelfoot style call from Native black cherry wood.

Marv Meyer Duck Call.tif

The Natural Duck Call. Made by Francis J. Muehlstein of St. Paul, MN. The bill flaps up and down when blown.


Donald Don G. Preibe Reelfoot style duck call from Minneapolis Minnesota. Walnut barrel with Brazilian rosewood stopper.

Don Preibe Duck Call.tif

Oscar Quam born in the New London/Spicer MN area latter moved to Minneapolis. This call is a Reelfoot style call made from birch wood.

Oscar Quam Duck Call.tif

Art W. Theissen duck call made in Mankato, Minnesota. A big Cedar Reelfoot style duck call.

Art W Theissen Duck Call.tif

Doug Lodermeier, the books author, on a late season duck hunt in central Minnesota.


The author, Doug Lodermeier with part of his collection of Minnesota made game calls.

Lodermeier and collection.tif

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